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french press pouring coffee to a cup

French Press is one of the easiest way of making coffee and requires minimum equipment. You can achieve barista style results without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Below are the 6 easy steps for making a perfect French Press coffee.

Step 1 : Preheat The Carafe.

Add hot water to the carafe and swirl the water to preheat your french press. This is a very important step that ensures the carafe is ready for brewing. This step will make sure you do not loose heat from the water used for brewing.

Preheat the carafe french press coffee maker and tea maker

Step 2 : Add Coarsely Grind Coffee.

It is advised you grind your own coffee so that you don't loose the aroma and flavours. You can also use pre grind coffee from your local coffee shop or supermarket. Coarse grind is recommended for making french press coffee. Use the measuring spoon and add two spoons of coffee for every mug of coffee. Every spoon is 0.25 Oz

Add Coarsely grind coffee to french press coffee maker how to make french press coffee  

Step 3 : Soak the grind coffee beans.

Add hot water just above the grind coffee powder and let it soak for few minutes. This step ensures flavours from all the coffee grind are extracted.

soak coffee beans in french press coffee maker

Step 4 : Add Hot Water and Brew for 3-4 Minutes.

Add hot water as per your need. Always use the measurement marking provided on the french press so that you achieve consistent results with your taste. Stir the coffee and cover the french press with the lid. Make sure the filter does not touch the surface of the coffee as this will stop the brewing process. Let the coffee brew for 3-4 minutes. If you like your coffee to be more dark adjust the brewing time to 5-6 minutes.

Add Hot water to the french press carafe

Step 5 :  Evenly and Slowly Press Down On The Plunger.

Once the coffee is brewed, evenly and slowly press down on the plunger to get your coffee. Pressing down evenly and slowly ensures you do not mix up the settled particles with your coffee and what you get is pure drink without any grains.

French Press Coffee maker and tea maker

Step 6 : Pour and Enjoy.

Pour your coffee into a mug and enjoy. Make sure you do not leave coffee inside the french press for a long time as this will extract more flavours making your coffee even bitter.

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